Everyone deserves access to stories, whether it’s through books, audiobooks, or movies. Reading, listening, and watching allows us to explore new worlds, open new horizons, and expand our minds. Please join us by gathering your old books, audiobooks, DVDs, and EReaders. You can drop off during one of our designated times or mail them in. If you are an author on BookFunnel, see directions below. We will get all these items to those in need!!


How Can I Donate?

We will have drop off times and locations posted here soon! (They will be in the Nashville, TN area)

If you are an author who wants to submit your ebook via BookFunnel.com, please go to https://dashboard.bookfunnel.com/bundles/board/hmcng3tvc1

To submit physical books, DVDs, and EReaders through the mail, please WIPE THEM OFF WITH ALCOHOL WIPES and mail them to:

Griffyn Ink, 247 Brookhaven Dr., Gallatin TN 37066


What We Are Accepting:

Books – all genres, all ages. Fiction, non-fiction, puzzle books (crosswords, Sudoku, word search, etc).

Ebooks – all genres (except erotica), all ages. Fiction and non-fiction welcome!

Audiobooks – CD sets, must be complete

DVDs – Movies, TV shows, Cartoons. All ratings.

EReaders – any kind (power cords appreciated!)


What We Are NOT Accepting:

Puzzles, board games, card games.

Cassette tapes, mp3 files

Ebooks not through BookFunnel


Do You Know Someone Who Would Benefit From Book Donations?

We want to hear from you! Do you know of a nursing home, shelter, school, hospital, or other group who would benefit from Novel Care? Please let us know!

Email ECollier@HomeWellCares.com or call 615-622-9360